If you not seeing any data on the console:

  1. Please step through the installation instructions if you have not already.
  2. Take the cover off and make sure the device is turned on. 
  3. Try resetting the device by taking the cover off and pressing the small reset button next to the power-on header. If the device does not blink green when you press the reset button then contact us. 
  4. Make sure the device is in a covered network area. There should be an online hotspot within 0.3 miles of you. You can look at hotspot locations on Helium Explorer

If the data you see on the console is inaccurate:

  1. Make sure the NOWi monitor is as close to the base of the register and the meter as possible. Clear out any dirt that gets in the way. 
  2. Make sure the configuration on the console is accurate.
  3. Make sure the sensor is wired correctly or strapped tightly to your water meter.
  4. Try adjusting where the sensor is on the water meter. 
  5. Try resetting the device by taking the cover off and pressing the reset button or powering it off then on with the header pin.
  6. In some cases faulty electrical wiring in the house can effect readings. If you believe this is the case please contact us. 


Alert Type Information
Extended Flow

There is a very high usage of water over an extended time period, can indicate a burst pipe.

No Signal Lock

The device is not locking onto a water meter signal. Either the device is not on the water meter, or not installed correctly.

Not Installed

The device is not associated with a water meter in NOWi's console.

Not Configured

The device is not configured to the water meter it is on. It will not accurately record usage until it is configured. Go onto NOWi's console to configure the model/size of the water meter the device is on.

High Noise

Device is seeing electrical noise, usually caused by bad wiring of the building. This results in decreased battery life.

Low Battery

Device has low battery, please contact NOWi for replacements.

Low Temperature

Device is seeing freezing temperatures which could cause frozen water pipes.

Please contact us if you have not solved your problems, we're happy to help!