Troubleshooting Offline Devices


If you are using a gateway, make sure the gateway is in an optimal location

  1. Away from objects that can block the signal like metal or thick walls like brick walls.
  2. Move the gateway/antenna as high as possible, for example up on a shelf.

Building Monitor

  1. If the building monitors are in a pit or in a utility room the first step is to get the antenna node (black box with the antenna) as high up as possible.
    1. Leaving the box on the bottom of the pit or near the floor will guarantee it does not connect.
    2. The best spot is right below the lid/ceiling. If you need help affixing the device to the lid/ceiling contact NOWi, we have multiple methods to do so depending on the environment (please send a picture). For example:
      1. Using a magnet
  2. If the device still does not connect, there are upgraded antenna options. Contact NOWi with a picture of the water meter pit lid and we can send over the options.


Note: Some devices sent out before June, 2023 have been found to have signal issues. These are now found during the QA process. If you suspect this is the issue, you can try swapping devices with one that is known to connect. Contact NOWi and we will replace the device as part of our warranty.