Who is NOWi's Building Monitor For?

This product is for businesses who want to remotely monitor water usage through a meter to detect leaks, drive efficient water usage, and prevent water damage.

How to Install?

Installs in minutes by strapping around utility water meters and monitors the water usage through the meter.

How Does NOWi's Building Monitor Work?

Precise, high resolution, minute by minute data on the water usage, with automated leak detection. NOWi's Building Monitor is battery powered lasting up to 7 years and automatically connects to networks, no WiFi needed.

No Plumbing or WiFi Needed

Multiple options for connectivity: Cellular, Helium, or Private LoRaWAN via Gateways. Installs in minutes!

Water Monitor and Leak Detection Device

Inexpensive & Non-Intrusive

Adaptable to any building, cooling tower, or water meter.  Battery powered and lasts up to 7 years.

High Resolution, Minute by Minute Data

Real-time leak notifications directly from your phone.