• Save $1000's by detecting leaks early

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Money Down The Drain

The average apartment unit wastes over $76 worth of water a year. For an 40 unit multi-family that's over $3,000 down the drain each year.

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Detect Leaks and Sources of Water Waste

Get control of water usage at your properties and never be surprised by a large water bill again.

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Quick Install - No Plumbing

Simple Setup

Realtime and Historical data

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The NOWi Advantage

No WiFi or Cellular Needed

NOWi devices are powered by the Helium network. That means as long as you're covered by the Helium network no WiFi or cellular service needed to install our devices.

Longer Battery Life

Stop replacing batteries! NOWi devices are battery powered and last from 4 years up to 10 years depending on usage!

Automated Alerts

Algorithms automatically send alerts to your phone or email whenever it detects leaks and other abnormal water usage.

Simple Monitoring Tools

You can access realtime and historical data anytime with the console.


NOWi's water monitoring solutions are a fraction of the cost of alternatives where there is no access to WiFi.

Ease of Mind

You can sleep peacefully knowing that your properties are constantly monitored.

Case Studies

NOWi's solutions have detected a large variety of sources of wasted water usage in real properties. Many of which are probably happening at your properties without you even knowing it! Check out some of our case studies to learn more.

Case Studies


For the first time, we have control over water waste. For Edworks, NOWI water metering systems are a no brainer.

Tim Desmond Edworks LLC Property Management


The NOWi water sensors allow Property Managers to better understand water consumption trends, individually benchmark properties in real-time, and reduce commonly-caused incidences of leaks and water waste. NOWi will help Veritas prevent leaks, save water and help San Francisco in its goal to decrease water usage.

Veritas Investments

NOWi's Solution Is Great For

Multifamily - Commercial Real Estate - Hospitals - Schools - Higher Education - Restaurants - Golf Courses - Water Cooling Towers

Helium Network

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