Eradicate Water Leaks, Maximize Water Savings, and Eliminate Costly Damage

NOWi's suite of sensors actively monitor your properties 24/7 for water leaks and alert you right away.

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Detect and localize the source of water leaks

NOWi's suite of sensors is optimized to detect if a leak is occurring, where they are occurring, all while being the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution on the market.

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A customizable suite of sensors

Installs in minutes

Realtime and historical data

Stop wasting time chasing leaks

The NOWi Advantage

No WiFi Needed

NOWi uses leading edge wireless networks such as Helium to connect our sensors.

Longer Battery Life

Stop replacing batteries! NOWi devices are battery powered and last up to 7 years depending on usage!


NOWi's water monitoring solutions are a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

Ease of Mind

You can sleep peacefully knowing that your properties are constantly monitored.

Case Studies

NOWi's solutions have detected a large variety of sources of wasted water usage in real properties. Many of which are probably happening at your properties without you even knowing it! Check out some of our case studies to learn more.

Case Studies


For the first time, we have control over water waste. For Edworks, NOWi water metering systems are a no brainer.

Tim Desmond Edworks LLC Property Management

Helium Network

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