• High Resolution Data

    NOWi's high resolution data allows you to manage from your live dashboard with real-time leak notifications directly from your phone.

  • Inexpensive

    NOWi's water monitoring solutions are a fraction of the cost of alternatives without compromising on quality or functionality.

  • Simple Deployments

    No plumbing needed! NOWi's designed to ensure that you can easily set up and start monitoring your water usage without the need for specialized tools or extensive technical knowledge.

  • Customizable Sensors

    NOWi's range of customizable sensors allow you to monitor various building types, helping to instantly pinpoint leaks and protect infrastructure.

An image of a pipe leak and a NOWi alert notification of the leak detected on a phone.

Instant Detection of Water Leaks

NOWi's advanced sensor technology offers a reliable solution for early detection of water leaks which can typically cost upwards of $10,000.

A computer showing NOWi's high resolution reporting.

Optimize Water Management with High-Resolution Data

Gain the advantage of high-resolution data to thoroughly analyze and benchmark water usage across your properties.

A NOWi leak detection monitor on a pipe.

Enhance Leak Detection and Save Time

Eliminate the time and frustration your team experiences when tracking down leaks. Reduce the hassle with manual checks, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.

An image of money going down a drain.

Conserve Water and Reduce Costs

NOWi's sensor technology helps to significantly reduce water bills by detecting hidden leaks, which can account for 13-28% of water usage. Prevent money going down the drain today.

  • "For the first time, we have control over water waste. For Edworks, NOWi water metering systems are a no brainer."

    Tim Desmond Edworks LLC Property Management

  • “NOWi’s solutions have helped analyze and find water savings for some of the largest hotels in Toronto”

    Canada Water Savings

  • “NOWi's precise, high-resolution data proved invaluable in analyzing water savings across a diverse range of commercial properties we service, from bustling restaurants to large-scale manufacturing facilities."

    PGW Solutions

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