• Real Time Leak Notifications and High Resolution Data 24/7

  • Drive Efficiency in Cooling Towers, Irrigation, Pools and More

  • Detect Leaks That Could Destroy Rooms and Other Assets

  • Help the Environment by Reducing Water Waste

  • Safeguard your Property Value and Prevent Water Damage

  • Save Time and Resources by Pinpointing Leaks Instantly

Experience Seamless Water Management With NOWi’s All-In-One Platform

Effortlessly monitor multiple buildings, access high-resolution data, receive real-time leak notifications, and instantly pinpoint leak sources. No WiFi needed!

  • NOWi's Toilet Monitoring Sensor

    The number one culprit of leaks in the multifamily industry are leaking toilets. Don't let the most common leak go undetected.

  • Localize Your Leaks With NOWi Monitors

    From small to large buildings, garden style to multi-story complexes, NOWi has you covered with Building Monitors, Floor Flood Monitors, and Pipe Monitors.

“NOWi’s solutions have helped analyze and find water savings for some of the largest hotels in Toronto”

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