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Wasted Water

The average unit uses 125 gallons per day and 12% of that usage is wasted due to leaks. That means over 5,400 gallons are wasted, costing you $175 per unit each year.
For an 20-unit multi-family that's over 110,000 gallons and over $3500 of wasted water ($0.032 per gallon water + sewer). By finding and fixing these leaks the NOWi Solution pays for itself in just a couple of months.

Case Studies

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Examples of Leaks

In just about every multi-family with over 4 units we find a leak in the first day. Below are just some of the examples of leaks we see. The graphs are from NOWi's console.

Irrigation Leaks

There are a number of leaks that our system will detect that owners end up paying for even when there's a sub-metering system installed. Irrigation leaks are a very common type of leak that wastes a tremendous amount of water.
A client detected an irrigation leak wasting over 5,400 gallons per month or $189 per month. Before installing our system they had no indication of this leak.

Sprinkler System Leaks 

Anything that's tapped into the water has the potential to waste water. A client found a leak at an 80 unit building in their sprinkler system that was leaking over 17,000 gallons per month or $595 per month.

Leaking Flapper Valves

Leaking flapper valves are the most common leak we find. Nearly every time we've installed a meter in a multi-family with over 5 units we detect a leaking flapper valve. An almost undetectable leaking flapper valve can waste 10,500 gallons or $126 worth of water per year. Many buildings will have multiple flapper valve leaks.

Open Flapper Valves

Toilet flapper valves that, without warning, stick open are a common cause of water waste. This one alone wasted 850 gallons or over $10 worth of water in 5 hours. Left alone it could waste almost $1500 of water in a month. 

Faulty Appliances

Faulty washing machines waste massive amounts of water. This faulty washing machine had an issue going on for months until the NOWi system was installed. It had been wasting on average 140 gallons per hour. At this rate it was wasting over $1,200 worth of water a month.

Malicious Water Waste

When tenants don't pay for water they can become malicious with their water usage. This one waste 2,600 gallons over 13 hours and continued to do so for multiple days. Each day wasting over $30 worth of water.

Water Damage

Leaks don't just waste water down the drain, leaks damage your property and cause dangerous mold.

A study provided by LexisNexis 2,306 U.S. Homes found that water leak detectors decreased water claims by 96% compared to two years prior to installation.