Student Housing Water Monitoring

Case Study: Student Housing

Water management in student housing is critical due to high occupancy rates and potential for significant water wastage. At a student housing facility, our advanced leak detection system identified a major leak leading to substantial water loss. This case study details the detection, analysis, and resolution of the leak, showcasing the effectiveness of our monitoring solution.

Leak Detection

Within 24 hours of install our monitoring system detected an unusual and consistent water usage pattern. The system flagged a potential leak, as illustrated in the graph, which shows water usage patterns before and after the leak was fixed.


Analysis and Triage of the Leak

Our sensors recorded a continuous flow of water at a rate of 320 gallons per hour (230,000 gallons per month), represented by the red line on the graph. This consistent flow indicated a significant leak requiring immediate attention. The Residential Manager went around the building and fixed a couple small toilet leaks however this did not fix the issue. Next they started shutting off different systems in the building. With minute by minute feedback from NOWi's device they were able to quickly determine it was the sprinkler system causing the issue.


The resolution is clearly visible on the graph, with water usage returning to typical patterns after the repair. Swift action stopped the wastage of approximately 320 gallons per hour, demonstrating the effectiveness of our leak detection system.


This case highlights the importance of real-time water monitoring and leak detection. Quickly identifying and addressing leaks saves water, reduces costs, and prevents potential water damage. High resolution data also helps reduce repair and maintenance costs by giving maintenance personel the tools they need to triage leaks. Our monitoring solution proved invaluable in maintaining efficient water usage and ensuring the facility's sustainability.

Key Takeaways

  • High Resolution Data: NOWi's minute by minute resolution data on the building easily identified and help triage the leak at the building.
  • Cost Savings: Reducing water wastage translates directly into cost savings of $7,360 per month at local water and sewer rates ($0.032/gallon).
  • Sustainability: Efficient water management contributes to overall sustainability goals.

At NOWi Sensors, we are committed to providing advanced solutions for water monitoring and leak detection, ensuring facilities can operate efficiently and sustainably.

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