Who is NOWi's Toilet Monitor For?

Toilets are the main cause of leaks in multifamily, senior housing, and hospitality. This sensor detects, localizes, and alerts to which toilets are leaking.

How to Install?

Deployed in just a few minutes either in the tank or in the supply line of a toilet. No plumbing required. Installs in minutes!

How Does NOWi's Toilet Monitor Work?

NOWi's Toilet Monitor uses advanced sensors and monitoring technology to track your toilet's water usage and flow patterns. NOWi then provides precise, high resolution, minute by minute data with leak detection alerts directly to your phone.

No Tools or WiFi Needed

Multiple options for connectivity: Cellular, Helium, or Private LoRaWAN via Gateways.

60% of Leaks Are Associated With Toilets

Prevent high water bills with NOWi's Toilet Monitor! Not sure where to start? Check out our guide with tips for identifying and analyzing leaks.

How to Analyze Water Leaks