Compatible Water Meters

NOWi Building Monitor Compatibility

Brand Not Compatible Compatible
General Not Compatible with any single-jet, multi-jet, or ultrasonic meters (some custom options). Dry contact water meters.
Badger Not compatible with Badger E-Series.

Recordall M (M25, M35, etc..), T, IT, ITH, OP, RT, RTH, CSM Series.
Recordall compound and fire series.

HR and HRE LCD Encoders

Neptune Custom option for Neptune Mach-10. T-10, E-Coder Series, Tricon/S, Aquity, ProRead, TRU/FLO Compound Meter.
Sensus, Invensys, Rockwell Adapter required for Sensus OMNI pulse output. Not compatible with Sensus iPerl or Sensus 640C/640MC

Models S-03, S-04, SR, SRII, T-05, W-19, ICE, PMM, Invensys ICE are all compatible.

Hersey Not compatible with Horizon or HbMag Magnetic Water Meters Models 420, 430, 435, 442, 452, 500 Series (PD), SSR Series, MCT II compound series, MVR 30, MVR 50, MVR 160
Master Meter, Allegro Encoder

Master Meter and Allegro Encoder case by case basis. MMT not compatible.

Master Meter Octave Ultrasonic Meter

BL05, Dialog, BLMJ meter, PD meter.

May require additional setup due to sloped register.

Zenner Not compatible with Zenner Model PMN, Nitro 1 series, and ZPM series Other models should be compatible. PMM Serie, Nitro2, PPD Series.
Precision, Diehl, Kamstrup, iTron Not compatible with Diel, Kamstrup, iTron unless a wired pulse output is available. Precision PMM meters

DAE PD series meters, PD-100, PD-50, and PD-75. Compatible with pulse output meters

Precision All other meters are NOT compatible.

PMM Meters are compatible.

ABB, Amco, Zel

Model C700, Scancoder

Elster Q4000 and EVOQ4 Ultrasonic C-700, C400, S120

AWWAC 708 and other multi-jet models




Dwyer Compatible
FRS Compatible
Henry Compatible
Inverses Compatible
Kent Compatible
Metron Farnier Compatible
M&E Compatible
Onion Compatible
Schlumberger Compatible
Seametrics Compatible


Feel free to reach out to with your meter model or with a picture and we can help!