Parent and Child Organization Instructions

In NOWi's console it's possible to create a parent organization with child organizations. These child organizations can also have their own child organizations.

To Create a Child Organization

Any organization can have a child organization. Go to the Organization Tab on NOWi's console by clicking on the Organization item in the menu. Below you can see we are currently logged into the "Main Organization"

Scroll down until you see the card labeled "Child Organizations for <Your Organization Name>" as seen below.

If you'd like to create a completely new organization, put in a name and click "Add Child Organization". If you want to add an existing organization just put in the ID of the existing organization under "Add Existing By ID" then click "Add Child Organization"

The child organization should then show up in the table below. You can switch to this organization to see it's devices and locations by hitting the "Switch" button in it's row.

After you switch to a Child Organization you'll see your Parent Organization and the Child Organization that you're currently viewing on the top of the Organization Tab. 

If you'd like to return to the Parent Organization you can press the "Return To Parent Organization". 


If you invite somebody to a child organization, they will not be able to see the parent organization, they will only have access to the child organization and and of it's children.