Installation Instructions


Strap the NOWi sensor as low as possible on the meter register (the plastic part on top of the meter).

LoRaWAN Node

The NOWI LoRaWAN node should be placed as high as possible. Usually, this will mean attaching the node to an overhead floor joist. The antenna should either be vertical up or down for the best reception.


The Helium Network signal reception will often vary depending upon the node’s position in the basement. The best location is usually near a window. If not near a window, in the center of the basement can work well.

Before attaching the node to a floor joist, test the location by using your dashboard. Having the dashboard up on a smartphone or tablet is helpful. You do not need to have the NOWi sensor installed on the meter for this installation step. With the sensor not connected to the water meter or with no water flowing, the dashboard will show flow rate data points that are all zero. At the top of the graphs, you will see an RSSI figure, which is the signal strength. Any RSSI greater than -125 should give a reliable signal. Move the node around the basement to find an optimal location.