Garden Style Water Monitoring Case Studies

NOWi's Building Monitors were deployed in a modern luxury garden style community with 240 units across 15 buildings and 3 irrigation water meters. The monitors detected over 71,000 gallons per month worth of water leaks with 11 out of the 18 monitors finding leaks. This community only found leaks accounting for 8.5% which is far below what is normally seen at install. This is likely in part due to an already existing water monitoring solution, as well as the community being a modern and luxury community. While leaks accumulate over time, we typically find between 13%-28% of water usage due to leaks at install.

The total cost of the deployment was $10,349 including a subscription for a year for NOWi's console and alerts.

At the national average cost of water and sewer of $0.013/gallon the buildings were wasting $923/month resulting in a potential pay back of less than 12 months not accounting for any potentially damaging leaks detected early that on average cost around $10,000 per claim.