Flat Meter Instructions

If you are unable to strap the sensor onto the meters register then the sensor must be glued to the brass base of the water meter.

Supplies Needed

  • Cleaning supplies: wet wipes, scrub brush.
    • Needed to remove the dirt from the base of the water meter where the sensor will be stuck.
  • Glue or Butyl Tape
    • To attach the sensor to the base.
    • If you do not have NOWi supplied Butyl tape, loctite or similar outdoor waterproof glues will work.


  1. Throughly clean the spot on the meter where the sensor will be placed.
  2. Cut a 3/4” wide, by 2” long strip of the butyl tape using scissors and leaving both sides of the white cover on the tape. Remove the covering on both sides and fold the 2” length over on itself.
  3. Then, stick it on the side of the sensor opposite to the NOWI logo. Place the sensor as close to the register as possible on the brass base.
  4. Flow water through the meter and make sure the device picks up the water meters signal. If needed adjust the sensor. 
  5. Lastly, firmly press onto the meter.