The water monitors need to be configured for the water meters that they are strapped onto. The configuration indicates how many turns of the water meter is equal to one gallon of water.

 There are two ways to configure the water meter. 

  1. Standard Configurations - These are known configurations for water meter models. If one exists for your water meter then you should use it.
  2. Create New Configuration - When there is not a configuration already known for your water meter, you can create your own. This new configuration then becomes a known configuration that you can reuse anytime you have another of the same meter.

Configuration Guide

If you see the Not Configured alert on the Device Table then click on the device name and then click on the Configure Meter as seen below.

Next, you will see the following options:

Use Known Configuration - This brings you to Standard Configurations and Your Configurations. When either of these available for your meter then use this first.

Create New Configuration - This allows you to create a new configuration. Use this when one of the known configurations is not already available for your meter.

 Use Known Configuration

The Known Configuration options are:

Standard Configurations - As mentioned before, these are configurations that NOWi has created for meters that we have tested. When one is available for your water meter model then use this. 

Your Configurations Configurations that you created in the past.

Create New Configuration

First, name the new configuration. A naming convention is  Manufacturer, the model, and the size of the meter. For example Neptune T-10 3/4" (Neptune=manufacturer, T-10= model, 3/4"=meter size). 

Next, the options for creating a new configuration are:

Use Date Range - This is generally the best way to create a configuration. Scroll down to the Use Date Range Section to learn how to use it.

Add Pulses Per Gallon - Use this whenever you already know the number of pulses/turns of the water meter per gallon of water. 

Use Date Range

In order to create a new configuration the system needs to know the number of turns of the water meter per gallon of water.

Pulses Per Gallon Config = Gallons / # of turns of water meter

The system uses the date range to find the # of turns of the water meter between those two dates. 

The best way to find the volume of gallons over a date range is to two take pictures of the water meters register. Take one picture and note the start date and time. Then come back to the meter a couple of hours (or longer) later and take a second picture. Use the dates of the pictures as the start date (first picture) and end date (second picture). For the Volume in Gallons, use the difference in the number of gallons between the two pictures that the register reads. 

It's best to have at least 2 gallons of water flow through the water meter over the test period.

Guide on how to read water meters